Adaptable Encounters Mystic of the Forest

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Mystic of the Forest presents encounters with giant mushrooms, moving trees, weird owlbears, druids, dryads, and many other mystical creatures of the forest.

Whether you're running a forest-focused adventure, or your adventurers are on their way to another destination through the forest, Adaptable Encounters: Mystic of the Forest will provide you with content to bring the area to life.

These are the titles of the encounters in this edition:

  • Ask the Giant Mushrooms
  • Druid of the Dark Forest
  • Force of Nature
  • Forest of the Naiad
  • King of the Dinosaurs
  • Old Amlene Tribe
  • Possessed Dryad
  • Secret of the Elven Forest
  • Shadow of the Dryad
  • Spirit From Another World