Micro Dungeons Titans Edition


We have all been there. Players managed to hide from the titan, and it passes very close to them as an exposition of how huge and dangerous the world is. And you think your players are glad they didn't die today... but then, they run and jump off the cliff landing on the gargantuan creature. Players are ready to take down the titan now.

Luckily you have a Micro Dungeon for this occasion.

The dungeons included in this volume of Micro Dungeons Titans Edition are:

  • Brain of the Riddler. Adventurers have to find an ancient artifact inside of the brain of a sleeping god in the deep astral.
  • Source of Courage. After killing a gargantuan worm, the adventurers need to delve into its bowels to rescue a scouting party.
  • Standing on the Shoulders. A titanic golem advances causing havoc, and the adventurers must stop it by climbing on its back.
  • Wings of Thunder. A magically enlarged bird flies over cities bringing electric storms with it. After climbing on it in mid-flight, the adventurers must stop it.
  • Zaratan Castle. A Sultan Marid has surfaced on his giant turtle carrying his entire castle.

Each Micro Dungeon includes:

  • The Map. The base of every Micro Dungeon is the dungeon map. These maps are made of 10x10 ft. squares, by the way.
  • An introduction. The short introduction is just so you have an idea of what the dungeon is about, but you can adapt and insert it into your own adventure as you wish.
  • Encounters. Every room in the dungeon has traps, encounters, treasures or other stuff, and it's all described in one page.
  • New Monsters. Every dungeon includes at least one new monster. At the end of the document there is an appendix with all the stat blocks for the new monsters.
  • Scalable Monsters. To make the dungeons usable at all (or almost all levels) of the game, the document also includes scalable versions of each monster.
  • Monster reference cards. It also includes a separate PDF file with the reference cards for the included monsters, so you can run your games more smoothly.