Starfall (5e Adventure)


Starfall is a survival adventure for 4 to 5 12th-level players. This module is a sequel of Drakesteel Mountain, another module from ND Hobbies. For a better contextualization you could play or read that adventures first.

Adventure Background

A year has passed since the last Drakesteel Mountain’s meteor shower, and destiny had brought the adventurers again to a nearby place, maybe some of them want to enjoy the beautiful natural spectacle or look for work with the mountain tribes, looking for the mineral known as Drakesteel that comes in these meteors. However, the mountain has been corrupted and, in the sky, a light threatens life itself.

The light in the sky is a dangerously gigantic Asteroid, a blue star that every day gets bigger. Its impact against the mountain could be lethal for all living beings and apparently, only a hermit Elf who lives in the mountain has the solution to destroy the meteorite before its impact.