ALL A PART OF MY PLAN | Designing villanous schemes for RPGs

There certainly are those of us who have a particular taste for grand schemes, conspiracies, betrayal, mysteries and secrets within our roleplaying games. However, there’s not much information out there on how to effectively plan out a villain’s masterplan in a way that is successful and satisfying. 

Make them care; make things matter: Making the most out of your world and NPCs

For those of us who like our games to be more narrative or more character-focused, there’s one very important thing to cover: Getting your players to care about the world and the NPCs you create. This comes off as no surprise. 

Worldbuilding Introduction: Why to write a new setting and How to start?

As a Dungeon Master, worldbuilding is one of my most time consuming jobs. I spend considerably more time writing stories, developing systems, creating monsters, imagining scenarios, and planning factions, than actually playing Dungeons & Dragons. Every time I’ve done worldbuilding for…

From the bowels of Bestiarium – Tips on creating monsters

Monsters are an integral part of D&D, but designing new and interesting creatures comes off as no easy task. Much of the advice online suggests doing slight variations in the features of already existing monsters, such as color, abilities, and overall…