Micro Dungeons for 5e


Micro Dungeons is a short selection of small dungeons for both new and experienced players of 5E DnD, that can be played in a few hours, with an old school feel.

Sometimes you need a quick dungeon for a one-shot adventure. Or maybe you need a way to show a new player how to play. Sometimes you could also need a dungeon to insert into a bigger adventure that you are already running. Micro Dungeons help you with that.

Each Micro Dungeon includes: A map, an introduction to the adventure, and encounters, traps or puzzles for the different rooms. Also every dungeon includes at least one new monster. At the end of the document there is an appendix with all the stat blocks for the new monsters.

The dungeons included in this set are:

  • Chapel of the Rift God
  • Nightcrystal Keep
  • The Underground Garden
  • Heads of the Hydra
  • The Molten Sanctuary