The Bridge of Suffering


The Bridge of Suffering is a short-to-medium long adventure for four 6th-level players. In it, they will die and travel to another plane, where they have a shot to get their revenge.

The adventure is divided in eight chapters, and takes the adventurers from the material plane to the plane of shadows, where most of the adventure happens, and then back to the material plane to end with a final encounter.

Quick summary

  • The party hears about a mighty citadel named Paladya getting destroyed by hordes of undead.
  • When they arrive they engage in a fight they cannot win with the lich responsible for raising the undead.
  • Then they’re transported to a sort of in-between plane where almost everyone is hostile.
  • They need to travel to several places in this in-between plane to be able to get out of it, with new knowledge of the lich that defeated them in the first place.
  • The adventure ends when the party has the resources to come back to the material plane and fight the lich to death.