The Bridge of Suffering


The Bridge of Suffering is a fantastic adventure that will take four to five characters from level 5 to level 8. The adventure takes place primarily on an alternate plane of existence called Shadowscape, which is a reflection of our own material plane but without color or joy, full of fear, sadness and remorse. The adventurers are sent to this plane by a powerful wizard ascending to Lichdom, who has taken over the city of Paladya. The heroes must find a way to return to our world and defeat this enemy to rescue the city.

Adventure Summary

The Bridge of Suffering is made up of 4 chapters that mark the progression of the characters and the development of the adventure.

Chapter 1: The Temple of the Forgotten god.

[Level 5]

Where adventurers become familiar with the lore of the city and meet the main enemy of the adventure.

Chapter 2: Fall into the Grim.

[Level 6]

A year after the events in chapter 1, the adventurers are transported to the plane of shadows, where they meet other characters who will help them advance in the adventure.

Chapter 3: Where Shadow resides.

[Level 7]

Where adventurers explore the city of the kingdom of shadows to face its dangers and obtain the resources that will help them advance in the adventure.

Chapter 4: The Bridge of Suffering.

[Level 8]

Where the adventurers return to their original plane and the last battle takes place to rescue the city and the end of the adventure.