Adaptable Encounters Mystic of the Forest


Mystic of the Forest presents encounters with giant mushrooms, moving trees, weird owlbears, druids, dryads, and many other mystical creatures of the forest.

Whether you're running a forest-focused adventure, or your adventurers are on their way to another destination through the forest, Adaptable Encounters: Mystic of the Forest will provide you with content to bring the area to life.

These are the titles of the encounters in this edition:

  • Ask the Giant Mushrooms
  • Druid of the Dark Forest
  • Force of Nature
  • Forest of the Naiad
  • King of the Dinosaurs
  • Old Amlene Tribe
  • Possessed Dryad
  • Secret of the Elven Forest
  • Shadow of the Dryad
  • Spirit From Another World