Drakesteel Mountain (5e Adventure)


A survival adventure for 4 or 5 players with 9th-level characters of the World's Greatest Role Playing Game.

It’s likely that the top of the Drakesteel Mountain attracts meteorites. Once a year there is a meteor shower causing meteorites to crash on it. A few tribes made the land surrounding the mountain their home, religiously climbing the mountain after every meteor shower. They extract a valuable metal from meteorites called Drakesteel, with which they craft powerful weapons. For this reason, these tribes have become powerful in recent years and continually fight to obtain the metal.

This is a short adventure that will take an average of 3 to 5 sessions. It is focused on combat encounters and survival, but it has several opportunities for roleplay.

  • Every year a meteor shower falls on Drakesteel Mountain, but one shower has fallen before it’s due.
  • The adventurers are hired to find the metal from the meteorites while the other clans are not yet ready for the next expedition.
  • On the mountain, players will face rival clans and other dangerous creatures.
  • Creature are manifesting strange changes, they are more feral and aggressive than normal.
  • There is a white dragon on the mountain that will cause trouble for both adventurers and rival clans.
  • The adventurers will end up facing the Orcs on the top of the mountain, but after a while, a huge creature will appear. This creature called is a type of aberration called Fallen Star. This is the cause of the changes on the creatures of the mountain.