D100 Table: Random NPCs

So, Dungeons & Dragons is a game about dungeon crawling and dragon slaying, right?
Well yeah, we could say that´s all it’s about, but anybody who has ever explored a dungeon or killed a dragon knows there is a lot more in game, our world is built around cities, taverns, libraries, castles and a full world of NPCs. What we call worldbuilding.

Thinking in the need of having a solid worldbuilding, I would like to share with you a random NPC table for your world. So here it is:

D100 Table: Random NPCs

1d100 NPC
01 Human, True Neutral Boq Duff, family man, worried about his sick daughter, needs some flowers that grow in the meadows
02 Elf, True Neutral Lalariele, elf of few words, a perfectionist who dresses impeccably
03 Dwarf, True Neutral Blass Anvil, heavy beer lover and local darts champion
04 Half-Elf, True Neutral Norvert Starsight, a superstitious guy who reads cards, palms and stars
05 Gnome, True Neutral Leslie Thumberstock, self-conscious about his height, he always carries a stool to stand on when interacting with medium-sized or larger creatures
06 Halfling, True Neutral Billy Meadows, proud of the pumpkins he grows, he always carries one with him to show it off
07 Tiefling, True Neutral Leonardo Leslerei, lonely poet who is writing a collection of poems
08 Half-Orc, True Neutral Atlas Arthus, arm wrestling champion, has a arm-shaped tattoo on his arm
09 Dragonborn, True Neutral Seregios Goldenscale, ancient coin collector
10 Aaracokra, True Neutral Bo Beaky, embarrassed by his fear of heights
11 Human, Lawful Good Lionel Graysteel, he is training to enlist as a soldier for the neighboring city
12 Elf, Lawful Good Meriele Homilion, idealistic than always advocates for minorities and believes that a better world is possible
13 Dwarf, Lawful Good Helge Yonkam, honorable dwarf, with a fixation on protecting children
14 Half-Elf, Lawful Good Simbelmyne, she adorns her hair with flowers and three chirping birds always accompany her
15 Gnome, Lawful Good Totsie Twerk, he wears glasses made of cogwheels and is proud of a device of his own invention with which he measures time (he calls it a “watch”)
16 Halfling, Lawful Good Ernie Cornhorn, obsessed with creating the perfect scarecrow, he currently owns one that he can animate thanks to a wizard.
17 Tiefling, Lawful Good Majesty, she’s a musician who charms travelers for their gold
18 Half-Orc, Lawful Good Bagrak Doom, he claims to be the messenger from the Gods since he “sees” devine omens in everything
19 Dragonborn, Lawful Good Verthica, she’s an older dragonborn who enjoys telling her old adventures to the children in her village
20 Firbolg, Lawful Good LeBranch Jones, one of his fingers is in danger because of a colony of termins that he has not yet managed to eradicate
21 Human, Chaotic Good Carac Brooks, he’s a helpless romantic looking everywhere for the love of his life
22 Elf, Chaotic Good Alffy Solarys, addicted to chewing petals of a flower that grows on the slopes of the mountains
23 Dwarf, Chaotic Good Sanzir Brightmaster, she’s the blacksmith apprentice who secretly wishes to go on an adventure, giving adventurers a little discount without her teacher’s consent
24 Half-Elf, Chaotic Good Philory Leaf, Guardian of trees, because “someone has to take care of the trees”
25 Gnome, Chaotic Good Jerome Jun, he suspects that he is really an android created by his “father”
26 Halfling, Chaotic Good Mira Greenhill, she’s a master baker who won’t let you leave town without trying her famous apple pies.
27 Tiefling, Chaotic Good Raphael Marveli, former court harlequin of a major city, he still keeps his uniform and likes to wear it every Friday
28 Half-Orc, Chaotic Good Kraboon Killaxes, he owns a wolf that he thinks is a dog
29 Dragonborn ,Chaotic Good Tulvir, she doesn’t know the difference between insulting and sarcasm so you’ll mostly find her in a tavern fight
30 Harengon, Chaotic Good Maribelle Poofyn, she lost a tooth biting into a cob that was too hard, since then he distrusts vegetables
31 Human, Neutral Good Arabella True, she’s the innkeeper who’s secretly planning how to leave her village life for an adventure
32 Elf, Neutral Good Eleneth Mithanmyr is exploring the world looking for new creatures to publish on a book compendium
33 Dwarf, Neutral Good Hank Terrato passionate about cartography, can replicate maps with great precision
34 Half-Elf, Neutral Good Arianna Keenseeker, she holds weekly meetings in the tavern to convince everyone that dragonborns are plotting to destroy the world
35 Gnome, Neutral Good Xaphina Jomila Qitra Banceli, is a paladin who will write down EVERYTHING she sees in a locked journal
36 Halfling, Neutral Good Doris Blossom, healer who uses plants and fungi to make miraculous ointments
37 Tiefling, Neutral Good Zorcius Ashes, she’s a very shy tiefling who always dresses in very expensive clothes and will ruin yours if you dare to dress better than her
38 Half-Orc, Neutral Good Theodora Boulder, she’s a retired mercenary who lost an arm fighting a giant snapping turtle
39 Dragonborn ,Neutral Good Dancalagon, stocky and tall, proud of his dragon blood, always looking for attention
40 Kenku, Neutral Good Big Bell, she loves to declaim poems about eating fruits even though no one understands her
41 Human, Lawful Neutral Lando Silverfox, retired soldier, worried about bandits prowling the roads and endangering their pantries
42 Elf, Lawful Neutral Aninyel Talthanryl, she collects pet rocks that are secretly talismans for mastering different skills
43 Dwarf, Lawful Neutral Alin Noblebringer, she knows all the gossip in town and she’ll overshare it with anyone
44 Half-Elf, Lawful Neutral Atheena Cloud, knows every book in the library… even the secret section
45 Gnome, Lawful Neutral Bebeto Blips, he owns a metal detector and usually goes looking for treasures in the afternoons
46 Halfling, Lawful Neutral Hilly Bophubb, she knows everything about farms and foraging. She grows special plants that can heal adventurers
47 Tiefling, Lawful Neutral Innocence, she tries to prove everyone that she makes justice to her name… no one believes her
48 Half-Orc, Lawful Neutral Kaylein Laughtingstock, she loves training people how to swing an ax
49 Dragonborn ,Lawful Neutral Porath Fire, she doesn’t bathe and will hold a grudge if you say something about it
50 Owlin, Lawful Neutral Owlmer, magic student, dreams of creating a spell to put his name and go down in history
51 Human, Chaotic Neutral Rudolph Monty, former adventurer retired when he lost his right arm, likes to reminisce about his good old days as an adventurer
52 Elf, Chaotic Neutral Lyniath Orren, she’s disgusted by humans so she’s secretly spying on them (very poorly)
53 Dwarf, Chaotic Neutral Askad Hammermail, he’ll communicate in old dwarven songs
54 Half-Elf, Chaotic Neutral Diana Morningfall, legend says that everything she draws comes to life at night
55 Gnome, Chaotic Neutral Panaziver Brijin, he’ll endlessly talk about his nightmares that turn out to be well-known fairy tales
56 Halfling, Chaotic Neutral Fido Faux, bard’s apprentice but the only thing he has successfully learned has been Vicious Mockery
57 Tiefling, Chaotic Neutral Arrias Lock, he’s a very greedy nobleman who enjoys leaving farmers without a home
58 Half-Orc, Chaotic Neutral Sazha Redrage, she’s very close to her sisters and always carries what appears to be a very large dragon’s egg
59 Dragonborn, Chaotic Neutral Ja’aled Aldath, he’s a sorcerer who’ll sell you overpriced potions that most of the time don’t work
60 Sea Elf, Chaotic Neutral Bastian Bluesky, his best friend is a dolphin which is rumored to be in his own house, in a bathtub.
61 Human, Neutral Evil Willy “Whispers”, is a coward who sells information to soldiers and criminals, whoever pays more
62 Elf, Neutral Evil Lyriannah widow of a human, now she is a lonely elf who tries to ruin all the local dating relationships
63 Dwarf, Neutral Evil Targeen Battlehammer, he’s the heir to the throne since he secretly killed his brother for it
64 Half-Elf, Neutral Evil Finde Lithaurn, she enjoys kidnapping rangers and eating their pets
65 Gnome, Neutral Evil Betthany Orros, she was raised by humans and often believes she’s one of them
66 Halfling, Neutral Evil Molto Balzac, he has a network of secret caves under the town, in which he moves to spy on all his neighbors.
67 Tiefling, Neutral Evil Lynn Phabala, enjoys scaring the village children with his thaumaturgy
68 Half-Orc, Neutral Evil Helga Ragia, goes into a rage and runs across the prairies as part of his daily routine
69 Dragonborn, Neutral Evil Lord Blackthorn, former courtier who was expelled from court for “improper conduct”
70 Tabaxi, Neutral Evil Sabele Purrlys, collector of perfumes… and poisons, but it’s a secret
71 Human, Lawful Evil Truman Rayhan, Stuttering singer who writes and sings songs for an ancient god only he seems to know
72 Elf, Lawful Evil Elphaias Spok, he assures that he comes from space and that one day “his people” will come looking for him. Always looking at the sky.
73 Dwarf, Lawful Evil Tonia Blossombeard, tavern cook who cooks very spicy food but always says that her food is not spicy
74 Half-Elf, Lawful Evil Jahalax Iajoo, jealous of pureblood elves, whom he hates (secretly lengthens his ears with the help of a device an artificer sold him)
75 Gnome, Lawful Evil Vikoto Fingerflash, unsuccessful inventor, all his inventions for some reason end up exploding
76 Halfling, Lawful Evil Tony Tobacco, once known as the beer baron, is the former owner of a distribution network for illegal substances
77 Tiefling, Lawful Evil Lysiantus, renowned village witch, exchanges magic potions for cats and dogs that anyone brings her in exchange
78 Half-Orc, Lawful Evil Brut Squarejaw, he wears a heavy owlbear cloak which is his pride and says a lot of bad words
79 Dragonborn, Lawful Evil Vicious Viktor, spits acid at chirping birds, holds record of 77 dead birds
80 Tortle, Lawful Evil retired assistant to an evil wizard, which he remembers as the best job he’s ever had and the highest paying
81 Human, Chaotic Evil Plop Jhonson, famous in the town for facing a bear with a bare fist, (he lost the fight and a leg, but fame is not taken away)
82 Elf, Chaotic Evil Taax Kelpied, vendor of consciousness-altering magic potions, popular with local teenagers
83 Dwarf, Chaotic Evil Smi Blackaxe, right hand of a criminal who is in jail, patiently awaits his release to continue his old ways
84 Half-Elf, Chaotic Evil Villies Vance, petty thief, always gets nervous in the presence of people in armor
85 Gnome, Chaotic Evil Leprecharm, manipulative and evil gnome who dresses as a garden gnome and has a cute appearance
86 Halfling, Chaotic Evil Ronnie “Rott” Apple, he hates cats, he always carries rocks in his pocket in case he bumps into one
87 Tiefling, Chaotic Evil Baphy Baal, he lives alone with seven black cats whom he trained to scare children to go into the woods
88 Half-Orc, Chaotic Evil Stu Strongfang, he collects recipe books with illustrations, but he can’t read, so he improvises the ingredients with stolen goods
89 Dragonborn, Chaotic Evil Melvin Malakaias, His scales are falling off from playing with a book of forbidden magic, he covers his body in a black robe
90 Goblin, Chaotic Evil Explosive lover, he can’t pronounce the “s” so their enemies don’t take him seriously until he explodes their houses
91 Human, True Neutral Laura Rosalie, grows flowers and experiments with the mixture of species, is in search of the “perfect flower”
92 Elf, True Neutral Leios Solarleaf, wizard apprentice with pronunciation problems, so his spells with a vocal component don’t come out as well
93 Dwarf, True Neutral Tros Hammersmith, blacksmith looking for the perfect craft
94 Half-Elf, True Neutral Carat Laramie, lover of games of chance and bets, a gambler who decides his life with some dice that he always carries with him
95 Gnome, True Neutral Leroy Gomez, does not believe that magic exists, and always looks for a far-fetched explanation to justify its effects
96 Halfling, True Neutral Boris Lil´hand, managed to mix tobacco seeds with tomato and it has been a great success in the locality, although its fruits seem to cause addiction
97 Tiefling, True Neutral Lucellie Dreslenius, historian who keeps records of events in and around the town
98 Half-Orc, True Neutral Momo Emerage, proud of his roots, she dresses like a barbarian and prefers to speak in orcish than in common
99 Dragonborn, True Neutral Dandy Hotmouth, he has a meat stand that he cooks himself with his breath weapon.
100 Warforged, True Neutral P-3.1416, he has a perfect memory, he is fond of keeping track of how many inhabitants, trees and stones there are in the town.


That’s all for today, see you next time and keep rolling, remember: Crit Happens.


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