The Adventure Begins!

Since the beginning of this site, our intention has been to fill it with useful things for users, and part of this plan is the creation of articles about role-playing games and board games in general.

Days have been very busy since we started with ND Hobbies and until now we haven’t had time to write as much as we would like on this blog, but we have finally decided to start and we have also decided to start a new planning in the publication of the posts.

Introducing: the theme of the month!

Every month, all ND Hobbies writers, and of course also some guest writers, will write articles related to the theme of the month. Our main goal is that these article to be useful for the readers, but also, choosing themes of interest to us, things that excite us about this, our favorite hobby.

And this month’s theme is:

The Adventure Begins

That means this next month we’ll be writing about anything related to starting an adventure, in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign or any other fantasy role playing game. Ideas for the first sessions, how to start the stories, the first monsters, etc.

Why did we decide on this particular theme this month?

There are two main reasons why we decided on this theme as the first theme of the month. The first one is the most obvious, being the first theme we announced, we wanted it to be something related to “the beginning”.

Every time you start a project it’s like starting an adventure, you never know what kind of challenges are going to appear along the way and you don’t know how far you will go. But the plans are always to do something epic.

In order to do something of an epic level, a good start and good planning are needed, that is why we decided to structure the posts of this blog in this way, and that is why we thought that a month dedicated to sharing our ideas, knowledge, and opinion about how starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign was the best thing to do.

Despite having been playing RPGs for over 25 years, we are a new company. Starting to write from the beginning seems the most appropriate, since in the future it will serve as a reference when dealing with more advanced topics.

The second reason is because of its great utility. The first session of a game is always the most played, many adventures only have one session, whether they are planned that way or not. Many people meet in a first session of Dungeons & Dragons, many learn what the hobby is right in the first session of the game, etc.

Our goal is to write two articles a week beginning in February, but we are going to start a little sooner, and we’ll publish the first article this Friday, 28th.

First illustration based on a photo from Pixabay, second illustration is Undine by Arthur Rackham.

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