Shadows of the Past (5e Adventure)


“Shadows of the Past” is a short adventure that will take four to five characters from level 13 to level 16. It takes place one year after the events of “Paladya Reborn”, but it can also be played independently. On this occasion, after a year of tranquility, the city of Paladya is transported to the Shadowscape, by the Shadow Lich Irios Saernes. The characters must find a way to bring the city back to the Material Plane and stop the Shadow Lich once and for all.

Adventure Summary

Shadows of the Past is made up of 4 chapters that mark the progression of the characters and the development of the adventure.

Chapter 1: The Twin Cities

[Level 13]

Where the adventurers are transported along with the entire city of Paladya to the Shadowscape.

Chapter 2: The arrival of the Vigilantes

[Level 14]

Where adventurers must explore the Shadowscape and find a way to solve the city's problem.

Chapter 3: Beyond the Bridge of Suffering

[Level 15]

Where adventurers search for the resource to return the city to the material plane.

Chapter 4: The final battle

[Level 16]

Where the adventurers defeat the Shadow Lich and return the city to normal.