Micro Dungeons Winter Edition 2021 (5e)


Micro Dungeons is a short selection of small dungeons for both new and experienced players of 5E DnD, that can be played in a few hours, with an old school feel.

The Winter Special Edition brings the same style of game as the previous ones, but with five Winter/Christmas themed dungeons where player characters will face cold monsters like a White Dragon, an Ice Lich, Yetis, and even the Winter spirits.

This edition of Micro Dungeons includes the following maps:

  • Cold Blooded Dragon
  • Elves of the White Mountain
  • Frost Stronghold
  • Ice Queen
  • Spirits of Winter

Each Micro Dungeon includes:

  • The Map. The base of every Micro Dungeon is the dungeon map. These maps are made of 10x10 ft. squares, by the way.
  • An introduction. The short introduction is just so you have an idea of what the dungeon is about, but you can adapt and insert it into your own adventure as you wish.
  • Encounters. Every room in the dungeon has traps, encounters, treasures or other stuff, and it's all described in one page.
  • New Monsters. Every dungeon includes at least one new monster. At the end of the document there is an appendix with all the stat blocks for the new monsters.
  • Scalable Monsters. To make the dungeons usable at all (or almost all levels) of the game, the document also includes scalable versions of each monster.
  • Monster reference cards. It also includes a separate PDF file with the reference cards for the included monsters, so you can run your games more smoothly.