Bestiarium: Might & Madness (Hardcover)

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Bestiarium: Might and Madness is a brand-new monster book for 5E, containing 300 new monsters right out of your players' nightmares. In this mind-shatteringly epic tome, we bring you the might of monstrosities and the madness of aberrations. Creatures to cover all levels and settings of play, from the darkest depths of the world to the realms far beyond our mortal understanding.

300 stat blocks brimming with Danger, Madness, and Might.

This volume of Bestiarium contains three-hundred stat blocks worth of the most epic and memorable fights your table will ever have. Every one of them comes with new unique and fun monster abilities ready to be released upon your player, going from the lowest to the highest levels of play.

A lore to forever change your view of the game

Few things are as important for us as making monsters interesting, versatile, and full of possibilities for adventures. Our lore explores the complexity of a creature in all its dimensions, with a complex and developed ecology that will be an unending source of hooks and ideas.

Mythic Monsters

Welcome to Darragon, where legends live, move and bite. Take your weapons, prepare your spells and face legendary monsters. From the far reaches of wild space to the depths of the world and other realities, the monsters are coming and only you and your team can stop them.

Mythic battles are much more than an exchange of blows: they’re an epic story by their own right. Legendary monsters can’t be defeated easily; some, even, are seemingly invulnerable, and that’s just where the party comes in. These battles make the adventurers engage with the world to look for a way of defeating their enemies. Only finding the way to harm a creature could be an epic adventure on its own! Our system encourages plan-making, investigation, and quick thinking to defeat the creatures that are the stuff of myth. The actual fights bring a mix of epic action, new mechanics, and dynamic monsters that will be impossible to forget, along with never-before seen nail-biting action and cinematic tension.

Setting-wide Ecology

What does eradicating a type of monster from an area mean to the ecology? What happens if a unique monster disappears from the world? What happens if one type of monster starts to spread to other areas? Every battle your players face can have implications that go beyond the combat itself, affecting the entire world.

The creatures from Bestiarium influence their environment and actively modify it. They have their own ecology system, which contains environmental effects, their place in the food chain, and more. Just the way in which the area surrounding a monster is affected by it can bring elements of investigation and strategy to how the party faces it, giving your game many more exciting features!