Adaptable Encounters: Tales of the City


Adaptable Encounters: Tales of the City. Beyond the darkness of the dungeons lies the most dangerous and hostile environment that nature has ever been able to create, swarming with humanoid villains and other terrible creatures.

Dark alleys, big buildings, haunted houses, the city contains endless possibilities for exploration. All kinds of encounters can happen in the city, from friendly competitions and social encounters, to combat and survival.

Adaptable Encounters for D&D 5E is a selection of 10 encounters that can be inserted into any D&D 5E campaign. This selection contains everything from simple single scenario encounters solved by a single exciting battle, to short and quick to setup adventures.

Some of these encounters include new monsters. The document will also include monster cards of those new monsters for reference during battles.

Each encounter presents a situation involving the players' characters, and suggests how the adventure should end. Then it describes the settings in which the story takes place.

Each document contains:

  • 10 adaptable encounters (1 or two pages long each).
  • Monster statblocks for each monster included in the encounters.