Adaptable Encounters: Space Perils for 5e & OSR


Adaptable Encounters: Space Perils include 10 encounters to enrich your weird and funny fantasy games in space.

Adaptable Encounters for 5E & OSR offers Dungeon Masters material to enrich their current campaigns by focusing on unique situations that add variety and originality to the game.

Encounters are mostly system agnostic, except when combat arises, but now we have added, not only 5e Statblocks but also old school monster statistics, compatible with pretty much any old school edition of the World's Greatest Role Playing Game up to its 2nd edition; or any OSR system; with little to none extra work.

Each encounter presents a situation involving the player characters, and suggests how the adventure should end. Then it describes the settings in which the story takes place. Finally, a series of possible combat encounters is suggested.

Each Adaptable Encounters edition contains:

  • 10 adaptable encounters (1 or two pages long each)
  • Monster statblocks for each monster included in the encounters.