Adaptable Encounters: Enchanted Forests


Since most adventures occur in or near a forest, different types of forest adventures are needed. Furthermore, when the forest is completely enchanted, or even located in another magical dimension, the things that can happen are limited only by our imagination.

Adaptable Encounters: Enchanted Forests is a collection of the most fantastical encounters we've written for this series. Encounters range from forests protecting magical items, to fairies who want to save the magical forest from destruction by an evil creature.

Adaptable Encounters for D&D 5E offers Dungeon Masters material to enrich their current campaigns by focusing on unique situations that add variety and originality to the game.

Adaptable Encounters for D&D 5E is a selection of 10 encounters that can be inserted into any D&D 5E campaign. This selection contains everything from simple single scenario encounters solved by a single exciting battle, to short and quick to setup adventures. Some of these encounters include new monsters.

Each encounter presents a situation involving the players' characters, and suggests how the adventure should end. Then it describes the settings in which the story takes place.

Each document contains:

  • 10 adaptable encounters (1 or two pages long each).
  • Monster statblocks for each monster included in the encounters.