Adaptable Encounters: 1st Compendium

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Over 100 encounters for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in one hardcover book.

Adaptable Encounters for 5E offers Dungeon Masters material to enrich their current campaigns by focusing on unique situations that add variety and originality to the game.

Each encounter presents a situation involving the player characters, and suggests how the adventure should end. Then it describes the settings in which the story takes place. Finally, a series of possible combat encounters is suggested.

Each Adaptable Encounters edition contains:

  • 10 adaptable encounters (1 or two pages long each)
  • Monster statblocks for each monster included in the encounters.

The compilation will contain all adaptable encounters digitally published so far. These are the volumes that comprehend this product.

  • Adaptable Encounters for 5e
  • Adaptable Encounters: Forest Dwellers
  • Adaptable Encounters: The Lost Chapters (for 5E Fantasy)
  • Adaptable Encounters: Danger in the Mountain
  • Adaptable Encounters: Merciless Sea
  • Adaptable Encounters: City Conflicts
  • Adaptable Encounters: Halloween 2022
  • Adaptable Encounters: Knights & Dragons for 5e & OSR
  • Adaptable Encounters: Space Perils for 5e & OSR
  • Adaptable Encounters: In the Countryside
  • Adaptable Encounters: Call of the Jungle