Paladya Reborn (5e Adventure)


Paladya Reborn is an adventure for characters from level 9 to level 12 that takes place in a city under reconstruction, Paladya, after the attack of a Shadow Lich. As the city recovers, a new threat looms, and the Shadow Lich's former followers work in secret to somehow harness its power. The adventure takes the characters to the plane of shadows and back.

Adventure Summary

Paladya Reborn is an adventure made up of four chapters that mark the progression of the characters and the development of the adventure.

Chapter 1: Protect the City of the Gods

[9th Level]

Where adventurers are hired to defend the city from creatures, the Felkin, from the surrounding area that hinder its recovery.

Chapter 2: Knights in the Barrens.

[10th Level]

Where adventurers and an army of knights directly confront the creatures in the wastelands.

Chapter 3: The Shadow Conclave.

[11th Level]

Where the adventurers discover the existence of the cult that intends to use the power of the Shadow Lich.

Chapter 4: A City of Shadows.

[12th Level]

Where adventurers are sent to the plane of shadows and must eradicate the Shadow Lich.