Drakesteel Infestation (5e Adventure)


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The true juggernaut of the aberrations has been waiting for thirty thousand years right under Alboros, and it has everyone, unknowingly, under its foot. Its greatest creation is almost the trade coin of the alboreans and of the clans, having reached plenty of wealthy pockets all throughout the continent. This creation, known as drakesteel, will turn the city into a hellish lair of madness. For the aberration inside to be contained, adventurers will have to do whatever they can, helping and receiving the help of the survivors in the city to have the slightest opportunity. This adventure is one of survival, exploration, and collaboration in the face of an impending apocalypse.

It’s also the ending of the adventure cycle centered around Drakesteel Mountain and Alboros.

The Adventure on a large scale

The adventure has a simple structure, but complex mechanics. It presents a series of challenges to be completed within a certain number of days and also of time management. The core of the mechanics is presented in chapter two. Otherwise, there’s not really anything you need to know apart from this being the third part of a series, including the adventures “Drakesteel Mountain” and “Starfall”. However, this adventure won’t provide much trouble if you want to play it as a standalone. The only requirement would be to have the adventurers earn the title of nobility at Alboros for a good enough reason.