The Winter Hell was contained to the north, but with each passing day it seems to expand. In the heart of Winter Hell, the Frost King sits on his ice throne. Losing more and more of his mind, he while he tries not to let the Winter Hell consume him completely. The King has turned his party into corrupted versions that now serve the goddess of winter. His throne is located on the top floor of the Frost Horror Tower.

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    Raid to the Frost King Citadel is a collection of five micro dungeons that tell the story of King Vangelis and his followers, whom adventurers will have to defeat to prevent the cold from covering the entire world.

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      Micro Dungeons: Mystic Relics contains two dungeons, each of which is centered on a legendary magical artifacty, that could be the reward for the adventurers who dare to enter. These two dungeons are especially deadly. Perfect for playing as one-shots or as part of a high-level campaign.